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CH Chenporewa JoJo Jenuine Dreamkeeper  X   StormnAngels Forged in Heaven

December 15, 2011

J Litter Pup

Gaelic Guardians...

We always name the things we love and here at Citadel TMs we always search to find the perfect nicknames for our baby puppies. This year we've found our inspiration in joining the power of the name with the love of my family heritage. The legendary Tibetan spirit meets the distinctive Irish Celtic tradition.

We hope you enjoy watching our babies grow.


One boy available to a show/breeding home within driving distance of the Chicagoland area. Please contact us directly or fill out our questionnaire if you are interested in being considered as a home for one of our puppies.


Puppy Number 1 : : Male/Black & Tan : : Bram
Citadel's Jazz Man Hoodoo (Bram)

Bram means raven black, he wears a red ribbon.


Puppy Number 2 : : Female/Black & Tan : : Rhoswen
Citadel's Journey To Shambhala (Phyllis)

Rhoswen means white rose and she wears a pink ribbon.


Puppy Number 3 : : Female/Black & Tan : : Riane
Citadel's Just Like Heaven (Halo)

Riane means great queen and she wears a yellow ribbon.


Puppy Number 4 : : Female/Black & Tan : : Delaney
Citadel's Jenuine Serendipity (Delaney)

Delaney means black defiance and she wears a purple ribbon.


Puppy Number 5 : : Male/Black & Tan : : Roarke
Citadel's Justified U Crushin On Me (Roarke)

Roarke means famous ruler and he wears a green ribbon.


Puppy Number 6 : : Male/Black & Tan : : Phelan
Citadel's Juneau (Kesugi)

Phelan means little wolf and he wears an orange ribbon.


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Sire & Dam of "J" Litter

CH Chenporewa JoJo Jenuine Dreamkeeper
StormnAngels Forged in Heaven


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