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The early weeks of each puppy's life are extremely important to us here at Citadel TMs. All of our puppies are raised in the house with tender loving care and are provided with abundant attention on a daily basis. Citadel puppies are also ensured plenty of safe and appropriate socialization during their time with us. We do NOT mass produce puppies and rarely breed more than one litter a year always with the goal in mind of improving the breed. Breeding is not our income, it is soley based on our passion and love for the Tibetan Mastiff breed.

Breedings are typically planned for Fall/Winter. Puppies are usually ready for their homes early winter to late spring. We are happy to arrange flight travel for out of state homes on direct flights only. It is not uncommon for our litters to be fully spoken for before they are born so we strongly encourage advance reservations for those interested in a beloved family member or an exceptional show quality puppy to take into the AKC ring. 

Also read our articles CHOOSING A BREEDER and WHY TMs REQUIRE A FENCE.

Health is our primary goal and we refuse to breed dogs that have not had official & favorable hip and elbow evaluations. We have nearly 14 years of experience with the Tibetan Mastiff breed and will be available to support owners of our puppies for their entire lifetime.

The Tibetan Mastiff is not for everyone or for every living situation.  PLEASE make sure that you can make a lifelong commitment to your puppy before bringing one into your home! Viewing the Tibetan Mastiff FAQ and reading the checklist "What You Should Know" will give you a very good idea of what to expect from the Tibetan Mastiff breed.  These links will take you off site.


We have no litters planned for the immediate future

Our friends at Great Lakes Tibetan Mastiffs
have puppies available now.


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