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8/28/12 :: We say Goodbye to our beloved boy Angus.

11/21/11 :: New pictures of Citadel Hot Blue and Righteous "Xena"

9/27/11 :: New pictures of Citadel's Heavenly Attitude "Anya"

4/16/11 :: New pictures of Citadel's Chandaa "Jilly" & Eragon's Blue Dragon of Citadel "Chopper"

4/16/11 :: New pictures of Citadel's Grabs Your Heart "Ayla"

3/20/11 :: Citadel High Mt McKinley "Mac" earns his CGC & TD Titles!

3/18/11 :: New pictures of Citadel's Ever Captain's Brass "Brass"

2/27/11 :: New pictures of Citadel Hero at Braymore "Sulley"

2/23/11 :: New pictures of Citadel's Hooked on the Blues "Ziva"

12/26/10 :: New picture of Citadel's Four Guardian Winds "Jujubee"

12/25/10 :: New pictures of Citadel's Honeysuckle Blue at Great Lakes "Devi"

12/10 :: Drago's son StormnAngels Heart of a Lion "Cuda" appears on Animal Planet's "Dogs 101"!

11/13-14/10 :: CH Citadel's Ajayi Cher Song Ba "Captain" earns two 5 point majors towards his GCH.

11/12/10 :: New pictures of Citadel's Formidable Fyrestorm "Nik"


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Mac Earns His Canine Good Citizen & Therapy Dog Titles!

Citadel High Mt McKinleyCitadel High Mt McKinley

A testament to his incredible temperament, we are very proud of Mac (Captain x Kai) who has recently obtained his AKC Canine Good Citizen as well as becoming a Certified Therapy Dog.


Gold Line

Drago's son featured on Animal Planet Show Dogs 101!

Drago's son Cuda

Drago's son StormnAngels Heart of a Lion "Cuda" was featured in the studio shots on the Animal Planet show Dogs 101 spotlighting the Tibetan Mastiff. View him in the video HERE.


Gold Line

Captain Earns Two GCH Majors

Captain 2 Select Majors

Captain earned two Select 3 point majors towards his AKC Grand Championship at the Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo Kennel club shows on November 13 & 14 2010.



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