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The Tibetan Mastiff is a unique and magnificent breed. They are natural guardians and protect their family and home with marked dedication. At the top of the world in their native land of Tibet they were used as guardians of flock, domicile and monastary. Their true history remains an enigma but the Tibetan Mastiff is thought to be the foundation of many of the Mastiff breeds. They are not always eager to please which can make training a challenge but they are very intelligent and sensitive and respond best to a patient hand and a soft word. Socialization during the first two years of life is important to ensure a confident and outgoing companion. I continue to be struck by their quiet dignity and gentle beauty, they are truly a noble creature.

Below you can find information and links about owning and caring for the Tibetan Mastiff.  Links labeled (off site) will open a window takeing you from Citadel Tibetan Mastiffs to another website.

The Breed

Living With The Tibetan Mastiff
A brief article about the breed and it's characteristics.

Tibetan Mastiff Info - (off site)
A wonderful resource about all aspects of the Tibetan Mastiff breed.

The Tibetan Mastiff Puppy to Young Adult - (off site)
A must read of what to expect from your Tibetan Mastiff as it matures.

A Change in the Air - (off site)
Another informative article about what to expect from your Tibetan Mastiff after the important age of 6 months.

Proper Containment for Your Tibetan Mastiff - (off site)
Keeping your Tibetan Mastiff safe and sound.

Can a Fence Speak?
A fence says many things about what kind of pet owner you are.

Choosing a Tibetan Mastiff Breeder
My thoughts on looking for the right breeder.

Choosing a Tibetan Mastiff Breeder - (off site)
How to find a responsible and ethical breeder.

Things You Should Know About the Tibetan Mastiff - (off site)
Things to seriously consider before bringing a Tibetan Mastiff into your home.

Tibetan Mastiff Breed FAQ - (off site)
Frequently Asked Questions answered about the Tibetan Mastiff Breed.



The diet we feed our Tibetan Mastiffs
Health improves when nutrition does!



Links to important vaccination information
More is not better. The Tibetan Mastiff is sensitive to over-vaccination.



Heartworm Protection
Protecting your Tibetan Mastiff from heartworm disease is crucial but year round medication is rarely needed.



Photographing Your Tibetan Mastiff
Some tips to help you get a great picture of your Tibetan Mastiff.



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