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Here at Citadel Tibetan Mastiffs we are committed to quality selective breeding with health and temperament as our primary goal, followed immediately by beauty and correct breed type. Every precaution has been taken to attempt to eradicate hip & elbow displasia from our breeding lines. Both parents of the puppy have been radiographed for dysplasia and have been undergone health checks by their veterinarian prior to breeding.View from our deck

Our puppies are raised in the house in a bedroom off the kitchen with plenty of exposure to common household traffic and noises. They are lovingly handled and socialized from birth with an abundance of constant attention.

Once old enough to venture outside they interact with our adult dogs and spend many happy hours playing and exploring our several acre property. Collar and leash training are eventually introduced along with nail trim and grooming tolerance, bite inhibition and prevention of food guarding exercises.  Obviously it is up to the owner to continue these early important lessons.

All of my puppies are placed with a written agreement. All puppies are sold with a breeding restriction until the puppy reaches the age of two and can then be evaluated as having the future potential to carry on the breed in health, structure, type and temperament. Puppies placed as pets are required to be spayed or neutered.

D Litter Puppy I guarantee my puppies for their life-time in that the dog cannot be resold, transferred ownership, placed or given away. I will always take my dogs back at any age. In fact you will be required to return the puppy/dog to me if for whatever reason you are unable to continue to provide a permanent home. I do everything in my power to prevent my dogs from ending up in shelters or rescue.  Each puppy is micro-chipped before traveling to his/her new home.


At Citadel Tibetan Mastiffs we support Natural Rearing methods. We believe that poor nutrition and over-vaccination contribute to the overall poor health in dogs. We feed our Tibetan Mastiffs a raw food diet and vaccinate conservatively. Because we strongly advocate a holistic approach to dog-rearing, we encourage anyone seeking a puppy to consider this approach whether buying from us or from another breeder. I ask my puppy buyers to read the information that I will provide about nutrition and vaccinations. Many links concerning these topics are provided on our site. Should you decide to purchase a puppy from us, detailed information on diet, vaccination and general care will be included in your puppy packet.

Although I do not require puppy buyers to feed raw, puppies leave our kennel eating a raw food diet and we hope our puppy buyers will continue our nutritional and vaccine protocols in the best interest of puppies from Citadel.

I network with a handful of breeders to make sure that people are educated about the Tibetan Mastiff breed and about responsible TM ownership. We also strive to educate new breeders about ethical breeding practices.  With these goals in mind, myself and a group of coinciding breeders put together and launched the Tibetan Mastiff Info Site.  I am the designer as well as the webmaster and contribute content to the site on a regular basis. I make it my business to be educated about dog behavior, nutrition, vaccination and health issues.  My whole involvement in the breed promotes education, responsible breeding AND responsible pet ownership. I helped draft and adhere to the TMINFO Code of Ethics.

Our primary interest at Citadel is in placing our Tibetan Mastiffs in loving, forever homes and in bettering the breed by responsible breeding. If you are a sincere seeker of a quality Tibetan Mastiff, we are looking for you and others like you as prospective owners of our pups. Please remember that the Tibetan Mastiff is not for everyone and you should be very sure to educate yourself about the characteristics of the breed and the way it may or may not fit into your current and future situation. Also read our article on how to choose a good breeder.

I really appreciate it when I can build a relationship with a puppy owner before the puppy goes home. I thoroughly screen each home and place each puppy on a case by case basis. I try to match the right owner/situation with the best puppy and my goal is to find loving, responsible and lifetime homes for my pups. I match puppies to people and DO NOT work on a first come first serve basis!

If you are interested in getting on the list for one of my babies all I ask is that you fill out our questionnaire so I have all of the information about you and your family.

Once my questionnaire has been completed, it's just a matter of getting together on the phone to go over everything and so I can get to know you better. If we decide that we approve of one another and agree that a Citadel puppy is for you, a deposit is required to put you on my waiting list. The deposit I require is $500.00.

If you have any other questions about the breed in general or about my dogs in particular I will be glad to help you in any way I can. We also welcome visitors to meet the dogs in person so you can decide if this is the right breed for you.

Here at Citadel, you are not only purchasing a life-long companion and friend, but you are also forming a life-long relationship with me.  If you would like to purchase a puppy from someone who will give ongoing advice and support when needed and who expects to regularly stay in touch with you about your puppies' progress, then a Citadel puppy might be for you.


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