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Here at Citadel we believe that proper nutrition is the foundation of good health. After careful consideration and a great deal of reading, research and support from our vet, we have decided to feed a biologically appropriate raw diet to our Tibetan Mastiffs. Yummy chicken leg!Although we don't use a specific plan or book this method is generally described as B.A.R.F "Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods or Bones and Raw Food" or S.A.R.F "Species Appropriate Raw Food". The acronym may seem silly but the diet is no joke, our dogs have experienced incredible health and freedom from many of the common ailments that dogs today are experiencing. We have been feeding this type of diet since 1998 and would not consider feeding any other way. There are certain disadvantages to feeding an exclusively processed diet to your dog and they need fresh whole foods in their diet, just as we do, to achieve optimal health. We encourage our puppy buyers to go ahead and "Give your dog a bone"!

Although I do not require new owners to feed raw, it is strongly encouraged for the health of the puppy. Every puppy from Citadel is sent home with specific information about the diet and details on how to prepare it for their Tibetan Mastiff puppy.

Even though the concept of feeding raw meat, bones and veggies to your dog may be a foreign one to you, it is much more common than you might believe.  I ask you to please visit the links below to learn more about the problems involved with commercial pet foods and discover the benefits that can be obtained from a raw diet.

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The video on this page is specific to cats but the article below it addresses why commercial foods may not be optimal for the health of both dogs & cats.
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Dog Food Analysis - If you must feed kibble, please choose a high quality product!


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