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Kai 14 Weeks

StormnAngels Forged In Heaven

Birth Date ::
January 15, 2007
Call Name ::
Breeder ::
Dam ::
Himalaya's Nying Dang Draba
Sire ::
Himalaya's Zhiji Chang
OFA :: Hips - GOOD / Elbows - NORMAL
Thyroid :: NORMAL

"Kai" is the second family member that comes to us from our good friends at StormnAngels Tibetan Mastiffs in Canada. Her name holds a special personal meaning to her breeder as she was named in honor of her boy Kigh that passed away early 2007.  We are proud to carry on his name in our beautiful girl.

As a pup this little miss could be described in one word - FIRECRACKER! She was apparently oblivious to her size disadvantage, and refused to take any guff from the older dogs.  She has a fun energy that is infectious and adorable.  She will even wake briefly from a nap just to wag her beautiful plume of a tail at me as I walk into the room. She has bonded strongly with me and is very clearly "my" girl.  The adoration is completely mutual! Kai is an extremely intelligent and perceptive girl. She is amazingly eager to please for a TM and is glad to do whatever we ask of her. Her athleticism, smarts and devotion to her family make for a wonderful combination.

We are thankful to Lyse of StormnAngels for letting her join our family.

Kai is the dam of our:

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Kai's Sire & Dam

Gugey Shenyen

Sire :: Himalaya's Zhiji Chang

Dam :: Himalaya's Nying Dang Draba




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