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November 24, 2009

H Litter Pup

Citadel Special Agents...

The NCIS theme we chose for this year is one of our favorite shows currently on T.V. which includes some of our most beloved characters.

Please enjoy the exploits of our 8 little special agents - 5 in black and 3 in dress blues!


Please contact us directly or fill out our questionnaire if you are interested in being considered as a home for one of our puppies from a future litter.


Puppy Number 1 : : Female/Blue & Tan: : Caitlin
Citadel Hot Blue and Righteous (Xena)

I'm Caitlin and I wear the dark pink of the team. I'm one of the originals. I'm not just another pretty face. I know that there will be some good-natured teasing in this group over the next two or three months and I'll probably stick close to Abby. I think my main job will be to keep DiNozzo away from my personal stuff!


Puppy Number 2 : : Female/Black & Tan: : Abby
Citadel's Heavenly Attitude (Anya)

My name is Abby and despite the dark colors I choose to wear I'm a sunshine yellow personality. I mean, these guys are my friends and I do everything in my power to protect them. I'm like the Energizer Bunny. I'm like the wizardess. The Ultimate Queen of the Lab. I can do it all. I mean, everyone puts their faith in me. DiNozzo describes me as "a paradox wrapped in an oxymoron smothered in contradictions in terms." I'm not sure I know what that means? but it has to be something good. Right? Awww, Gibbs. You brought me a "Caf-Pow!"


Puppy Number 3 : : Male/Black & Tan: : DiNozzo
Citadel's Hue Do You Love (Huey)

DiNozzo. Wearing Magnum P.I. red. Just like the Ferrari. Like the Hawaiian shirt. I'm likely to get a Gibbs trademark slap on the back of the head when Gibbs needs me to stay focused but I think it's just because I'm so special. He respects me. I'm no Probie. I'm his Numero Uno Best Agent. I'm double-o seven. I'm Bond. James Bond. Sparkling charismatic personality, irresistible to women... He's standing right behind me, isn't he? OW! Oh. Right, Boss. Someone else's turn. McGeek?


Puppy Number 4 : : Male/Black & Tan: : McGee
Citadel High Mt McKinley CGC CTD (Mac)

Hello. I'm McGee. DiNozzo's reference to "McGeek" alludes to his jealousy of my talents. My intelligence and VIP status are well known to all the team. I'm the first one they call to fix their blue screens and I can do the impossible. I have a passion for playing games.


Puppy Number 5 : : Male/Black & Tan: : Gibbs
Citadel Hero at Braymore (Sulley)

Name is Gibbs. Waited for the green light in Stillwater and haven't looked back. People seem to think I'm complex, surrounded by intrigue and mystery. Don't let my understated charm fool you. I'm demanding. Expect the best. Follow my nose and my own rules.


Puppy Number 6 : : Female/Blue & Tan: : Jenny
AKC CH Citadel Honeysuckle Blue at Great Lakes (Devi)

Jenny is my name. It's my job to organize and shepard this ensemble from the appointed orange of my director's office. Some call me a brat. I suppose that could be true. I have a special relationship with Gibbs and that allows us to get our jobs done. I lay down the law for this bunch of characters and I've got great judgment skills. I'll be looking for any acting up and for any plots developing over the coming season.


Puppy Number 7 : : Male/Black & Tan: : Jethro
AKC GCH CH Citadel's High and Mighty (Duke)

OFA Elbows -

Name is Jethro. Reporting for duty in white. A Marine and Marksman. Some call me Gunny. People comment that I don't say much. Sharpshooter like me doesn't really need to. Ya think?


Puppy Number 8 : : Female/Blue & Tan: : Ziva
Citadel's Hooked on the Blues CGC (Ziva)

My name is Ziva. I wear the brilliant purple color. I started at NCIS as a liaison but I'm now a full agent. I've earned my dues. What? Oh, I've PAID my dues so now I'm here. I can be tough. I can be wicked. But I can show my flirtatious feminine side too.


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