Tibetan Mastiffs

Gold Line

Himalaya's Skyes Chen

Himalaya's Skyes Chen
January 23, 2003 ~ August 28, 2012


Birth Date ::
January 23, 2003
Call Name ::
Breeder ::
Dam ::
Xin Angeni Ni A Soechavati
Sire ::
Ch. Himalaya's Obassy Kalu
OFA ::
Hips - GOOD / Elbows - NORMAL

On the evening of August 28, 2012 we lost a most dear member of our family. Angus left us abruptly after learning that he had Hemangiosarcoma of the spleen. Angus was not sick and did not display any signs he was feeling poorly. He had a normal happy day and ate his afternoon meal with enthusiasm as usual. Stinky green tripe was one of his favorites! Just the day before I had looked out the window and he was playing with our two 8 month old puppies - on his back, legs gleefully waving in the air. 36 hours later he would be gone. We take some small comfort knowing he did not suffer and was a happy boy right up to the end.

Angus was kind, gentle, affectionate and would attach himself to any visitor making sure that they knew - whether they liked it or not - that he was the main attraction here. He was the most outstanding puppy nanny I have ever seen. He was patient and always tolerant of their antics. I never worried when Angus was in the puppy yard. He gifted us with our lovely girls Katie and Gracie.

He was also pushy and demanding and generally drove me crazy on a daily basis. But I would give anything to have him annoying me again for just one more day. We loved him greatly and the shock of his sudden passing has hit us hard. We will miss you - you silly pain in the butt, you were more than worth the exasperation and your big heart and gentle spirit were a welcome addition to our home. Goodbye sweet friend, we will never forget you and I know we will meet again.

Gold Line

"Angus" came to us as an adult but he is transitioning nicely into the household. He's not only a handsome boy but also has a quiet, gentle nature. We call him The Big Butt-inski because he sticks his big head in the way anytime you pay attention to the other dogs or try to take their pictures. He cuts an imposing figure but he's all about the love! We are thankful to Lyse of StormnAngels for entrusting us with his care and we couldn't be more thrilled to have this fine-looking boy.

Angus is the sire of our "B" litter and "C" litter. Sire of our girl Katie.

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