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Ho-Shen's Jempa X StormnAngels Comeback Special

"The Rat Pack"

December 24, 2004

We know that there are technically five male members of the Rat Pack but we feel we covered at least our three favorites Frank, Dean & Sammy! When choosing the names for the girls we went with Jilly's which is the famous nightclub that the Pack would frequent in New York and Lauren Bacall who is credited with coining the phrase "The Rat Pack" to describe Frank and his gang of friends.

These babies have had a slower start due to their Mama requiring a c-section but they are now growing by leaps and bounds. I hope you enjoy watching our ring-a-ding kids grow.


Puppy Number 1 : : Male/Black & Tan : : Frank Sinatra *Updated 6/08*
Citadel's Call Down The Thunder (Frankie)



Puppy Number 2 : : Female/Black :: Jilly *Updated 12/06*
Citadel's Chandaa (Jilly)



Puppy Number 3 : : Male/Black & Tan : : Sammy Davis Jr. *Updated 12/06*
Citadel's Ceba Khyi (Archie)



Puppy Number 4 : : Male/Black & Tan : : Dean Martin *Updated 10/06*
Citadel's Commander Whang Du (Bogart)



Puppy Number 5 : : Female/Black : : Bacall - *Updated 12/08*
Citadel's Chiricahua (Cherry)



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Dam & Sire of the "C" Litter

Ho-Shen's Jempa

StormnAngels Comeback Special


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