Tibetan Mastiffs

Gold Line

Himalaya's Skyes Chen

Himalaya's Skyes Chen

Birth Date ::
December 24, 2004
Call Name ::
Katie Cuckoo
Breeder ::
Kathleen McDaniel of Citadel Tibetan Mastiffs
Dam ::
Himalaya's Skyes Chen Citadel
Sire ::
StormnAngels Comeback Special
OFA ::
Hips - GOOD / Elbows - NORMAL

"Katie Cuckoo" is the first girl we have kept of our own breeding. She comes to us from our "B" litter and we feel that she represents the best of her Mother and Father. She is a gentle, affectionate girl who has grown into a dramatic and substantial young lady. She has passed that remarkable type and substance on to some of her first offspring. Katie is a steady and solid girl with an adorable silly streak which earned her the nickname "Katie Cuckoo". She is staunchly devoted to her family and has proven to be an exceptional Mother. Her name means "Best, most auspicious" and that's undoubtedly what she is to us.

Katie is the Dam of our:

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