Tibetan Mastiffs

Gold Line

Drago 3 yr

Himalaya's Lin Gyi
March 7, 1999 ~ March 11, 2011


Birth Date ::
March 7, 1999
Call Name ::
Breeder ::
Susan Ochsenbein of Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs
Dam ::
World Ch. Vashti Himalaya Ni A Soechavati
Sire ::
Ch. Himalaya's Dred-Mo
OFA ::
Hips - GOOD


On March 11, 2011 we made the painful decision of letting go of our most treasured boy Drago.  His great heart had been slowly failing him the last 6 months of his life. He had done exceptionally well up until that last week and finally it was time.  He turned 12 the Monday before he left us, 12 years filled with affection, humor, sweetness and companionship.  Drago was the consummate gentleman, always sociable, always good-natured, always effortless to love.....the depths of how much he will be missed is impossible to put into words.

No stone stands over where he lies. It is on our hearts that his life is engraved.



Drago (pronounced Drāgo with a long "a") has a sweet, easy-going temperament that we adore. Aside from a charming mischievous streak, he chooses to avoid conflict and instead prefers to have great time. He is a real lover and has that kind of handsome face and lush coat that you can't help kissing and burying your hands in every time you're near him! Drago has passed his gentle disposition on to his offspring.

Drago is the sire of our "A" litter. Sire to our boy Captain.

Seven beautiful puppies were born to Drago x Shenny on October 14, 2007!
Visit them at StormnAngels Kennel. This was StormnAngels "H" Litter.

One adorable male puppy was born to Drago x Cherry on December 17, 2007 and 8 more were born on January 22, 2009 when this breeding was repeated.
Visit them at Washani Kennel. These were Washani's "D" and "E" Litters.



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