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April 17, 2004

Our Asia had a very long labor with several hours between each puppy. Then in a surprising twist she began having contractions just 20 minutes after a previous puppy. I called over my shoulder that she was having more contractions and just as I bent over to help her, a puppy literally SHOT out of Asia like a ROCKET!! He catapulted into this world in a rush of fluid and without a sack to hamper him he landed strong and loud! We were delirious from lack of sleep and practically laughed ourselves silly and kept referring to the puppy as "Rocket Man". Hence the theme of the litter! So in honor of our little Rocket Man, all the puppies' temporary names were based on Elton John songs. This litter was a wonderful, positive experience for us and we hope they will give as much joy to their families as they have given to us.


Puppy Number 1 : : Female : : Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds *Updated 12/08*
Citadel's Above the Clouds (Lucy)



Puppy Number 2 : : Male : : Captain Fantastic
Citadel's Ajayi Cher Song Ba (Captain)



Puppy Number 3 : : Male : : Elton *Updated 05/08*
Citadel's Ai Qing (Sirius)



Puppy Number 4 : : Female : : Nikita
Citadel's Akiva (Keisha)



Puppy Number 5 : : Male : : Rocket Man
Citadel's Afterburn (Rocket)



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Pedigree Photos

Ho-Shen's Jempa "Asia"

Himalaya's Lin Gyi "Drago"

Drakyi's Perfect Ten of Ho-Shen
ATMA/ARBA Champion

Madd Maxx Ni A Soechavati

Vashti Himalaya Ni A Soechavati
World Champion

Champion of Finland
ATMA Champion

Himalaya's Dred-Mo
ATMA Champion


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