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Good Bye to our Rolly Girl

We lost our little spitfire on May 26, 2008 to bladder cancer. I whispered how much she was loved over and over and spoke in her ear all of the silly nicknames and phrases we had developed as our own private language over our 11.5 years together. I stroked her silky beagle ears that had given me so much comfort in times of stress and sadness in an effort to now comfort her. She slipped away quietly and a large part of me went with her. Broken-hearted does not even begin to describe.

Rolly was our only small dog in a house full of "oafs".  She ruled with an iron paw and no TM dared to challenge her even though they could have easily done so. She taught the baby puppies manners and proper "dog etiquette".  I do believe she thought she WAS a Tibetan Mastiff and had the attitude to carry it off.

She was wicked smart and the broadness of her vocabulary never failed to astound us. She was quirky, hilarious and most of all she was endlessly loyal and loving. We jokingly called her "my little stalker", as she followed me from room to room and complained if she could not get to me.

I now have something to look forward to at the end of my days when once again I will whisper into the silken ear of my beloved girl.  

Goodbye sweet soul, now you are heaven's brightest new star.


Rolly Pup


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