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Himalaya's Skyes Chen

Himalaya's Skyes Chen

Birth Date ::
January 1, 2002
Call Name ::
Breeder ::
Susan Ochsenbein of Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs
Dam ::
Himalaya's Otanta Puri
Sire ::
Ch. Himalaya's Dred-Mo
OFA ::
Hips - GOOD

Piper is by far the busiest TM in the house. She has to have her nose into everything, her curiosity knows no limits! She has recently developed a taste for sourcream and onion potato chips! If we do not have the presence of mind to put them up, a crinkle crinkle crinkle can be heard as soon as you are foolish enough to leave the room. She is a snuggler and a kisser and if possible, even sweeter than she is nosy. She keeps us on our toes and makes it virtually impossible to be angry with her no matter what mischief she gets into.

Piper is a substantial, heavy boned girl with a blocky head and thick plush coat. Her abundant mane rivals some of the boys! She is a sweetheart of a dog and she Mothers every puppy on the property whether or not it is her own. She still Mothers her two adult daughters with such tenderness - cleans their ears and generally looks after them.  She's a wonderful girl.

Pipers' registered name means "Great Gift" which definitely suits this beautiful girl in every way.  Piper is the dam of our beautiful girls Katie and Gracie.

Piper is the dam of our:

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