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Niah 9 Weeks

Sina Black Magic Woman

Birth Date ::
January 9, 2008
Call Name ::
Breeder ::
Dr. Andrew Wang of Sina Tibetan Mastiffs
Dam ::
Sina Zong Zong
Sire ::
Amo of Yihiy Chu

While every puppy is an adventure our new little girl Niah (Nye-ah) represents that to us ten-fold. The hopeful search for our latest addition was time-consuming but worth every moment now that she is here. She is a wiggly-waggly puppy that canít help but show how happy she is to greet us. She has proven to be an intelligent girl and is a very fast learner. Discovering her character and her baby quirks has been a riot so far. Her water bowl antics are especially charming and always have us rushing for the camera. We also can't help but laugh at her during the times when she talks back (loudly) to her toys!

Niah brings many of the characteristics that we look for in a quality puppy along with a diverse pedigree. A heavily boned girl with beautiful balance and dark pigment, her exotic Asian type is a welcome addition. Sometimes breeders get so excited about the future potential of our breeding programs that we sometimes wish we could turn the clock ahead just for a peek. Although Niah may very well represent an exciting adventure into a brand new phase of the Citadel breeding program, we know that this high-spirited puppy is going to keep us firmly in the present with her funny and sweet ways.  Special thanks to Andrew & Lily Wang for letting this little girl join our family.

We have a whole picture category dedicated to Niah's waterbowl slliness!

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Niah's Sire & Dam

Zong Zong

Dam :: Sina Zong Zong

Tashi Tashi

Sire :: Amo of Yihiy Chu


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