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December 5, 2007

Hubba Bubba 1 day old

They're just a bunch of SweeTarts!!

On December 5, 2007, we welcomed one of our sweetest litters to date. The "F" litter consists of 5 puppies in total - 2 males (1 gold, 1 black) and 3 females (2 blacks, 1 black/tan). We're calling them our "KitKat" litter in honor of their sire Kitahn and their dam Katie so in keeping with our themeing nicknames, all of the puppies have been given "candy" names.

As Citadel's very first golden Tibetan Mastiff, CandyMan Wonka is the holder of the original golden ticket. Watch this boy and his chunky sidekick, Hubba Bubba, as they capture your imagination. The first of the girls, little round Razzles is so much fun as are her sisters delectable Jujubee and the peanut buttercup Reese. This bunch will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth!



Puppy Number 1 : : Male/Black : : Hubba Bubba
Citadel's Full Moon Dark Night (Hubba)


Puppy Number 2 : : Female/Black & Tan :: Reese
Citadel's Favorable Karma (Tara)


Puppy Number 3 : : Male/Gold :: Wonka
Citadel's Formidable Fyrestorm (Niki)



Puppy Number 4 : : Female/Black :: Jujubee
Citadel's Four Guardian Winds (Jujubee)


Puppy Number 5 : : Female/Black : : Razzles
Citadel's Fire Island (Lyra)

Prelim :: OFA Hips - GOOD
Prelim :: OFA Elbows - NORMAL


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Sire & Dam of "F" Litter

Himalaya's Skyes Chen Citadel
Citadel's Ajayi Cher Song Ba


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