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Himalaya's Skyes Chen Citadel X Citadel's Ajayi Cher Song Ba


December 8, 2006

2 day old pup
The Boys of CSI are here!

Delivered to Captain and Piper on December 8, 2006 are 5 male puppies, one blue/tan and four black/tans.

The team might not seem complete without Katherine and Sarah but when you have this kind of all-star line-up of hunks who needs the girls? As always, the investigative leader is the enigmatic Grissom and we've got him perfectly cast complete with grey, grizzled and rugged good looks. Helping out their boss is our charming Stokes, hotshot Warrick, gregarious Sanders and Captain's Brass. Tune in often and catch up on the crew's weekly episodes.

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Puppy Number 1: : Male/Black & Tan : : Stokes
Citadel's Emei Shan (Butler)



Puppy Number 2: : Male/Black & Tan :: Sanders
Citadel's Eternal A Rog (Kodiak)



Puppy Number 3 : : Male/Blue & Tan :: Grissom
Eragon's Blu Dragon of Citadel (Chopper)



Puppy Number 4: : Male/Black & Tan :: Brass
Citadel's Ever Captain's Brass (Brass)



Puppy Number 5: : Male/Black & Tan : : Warrick
Citadel's Empyreal Son (Chief)



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Sire & Dam of "E" Litter

Himalaya's Skyes Chen Citadel

Citadel's Ajayi Cher Song Ba


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