Tibetan Mastiffs

Gold Line

Asia 4 mos

Ho Shen's Jempa
December 18, 1997 ~ January 1, 2013


Birth Date ::
December 18, 1997
Call Name ::
Breeder ::
Nancy Young of Ho-Shen Tibetan Mastiffs
Dam ::
Ch. Drakyi Perfect Ten of Ho-Shen
Sire ::
Madd Maxx Ni A Soechavati
OFA ::
Hips - GOOD

Goodbye Asia

This is a very difficult passage for me to write, I can only hope that I do it justice.

Her name was Asia but she had many nicknames....Pretty, Princess, Pretty-Princess, The Beautiful One, Beautiful Princess. You get the idea. She answered to them all and suffered our heaping of praise & love on her - often with pretend disgust. We know she secretly adored it. Asia was incredibly intelligent, regal, stately, dignified and simply put... the love of our lives. She only shared her silly, affectionate side with the closest of family members and we felt honored to be counted among her inner circle. She was our first Tibetan Mastiff and through falling in love with her we discovered and fell in love with the breed, found and developed dear friendships and gained other immeasurable blessings. Her 15 year lifespan brought us endless amounts of joy, love, laughter and companionship. Yes she was a strikingly beautiful dog but to us she was so much more...she was the matriarch of our little pack and a beloved, cherished member of our family. immensely loved, and most certainly infinitely missed.

In that 15 years she had never experienced a sick day in her life. She was vibrant and healthy right up until those last couple of weeks. I don't know how many times I kissed her head and muzzle that last week but she did a great job of putting up with me. She likely sensed that I desperately needed to give those kisses more than she needed to receive them. The long body massages, ear and belly rubs were more appreciated I know. I cherished every moment I had with her until the end and I am thankful for the long, healthy life that she enjoyed. Her absence is excruciating for us but I know her spirit is free, her youth restored and we will keep her forever in our hearts & memories until we meet again.

Good bye our Beautiful Princess we will love you always.



"Asia" who is now spayed and retired, was our first Tibetan Mastiff. We were so pleased with her and fell so in love with the breed that it soon became obvious that it's almost impossible to own just one! She takes her gaurding duties very seriously and yet is so gentle and sweet with those she loves, it is hard to imagine such stark differences could exsist in one beautiful package. We love her independent nature and never cease to be delighted by the random bursts of silliness from one so dignified!

Asia will soon be 14 years old and she is still going strong! She sets a strict time-table for dinner and is VERY vocal about announcing that it's time to be fed. Asia still has an adorable silly side while reataining her spunky guardian attitude. We love her dearly and are blessed to have this quality time with her during her advancing years.

Asia is the dam of our "A" litter and our "C" litter. Dam to our boy Captain.

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